Mill Creek Haunted Prison

When the inmates run the institution, can you escape with your life?

There has been a riot at the prison. The gates are open, and the prisoners have taken over! But guess what – the inmates aren’t leaving, and now they want you to join them forever.

Will you make it out, or are you doomed to become another soul lost in Mill Creek Haunted Prison?

Experience the Terror of Salem’s Biggest Haunted Attraction

Sprawling, twisting, and turning throughout the ground floor of Oregon’s most haunted institution, Mill Creek Haunted Prison is a horrifying demonstration of what happens when the inmates have free rein.

There’s no telling what you’ll experience around the next corner. Will you be forced to flee from murderous maniacs? Confronted with an unrepentant cannibal who wants to make you his next meal? Threatened by the prison doctor’s horrifying experiments? This massive, immersive, touch-free haunted attraction will make you face your fears with gruesome special effects, terrifying actors, and horrors beyond your imagination.

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There’s been a riot at the prison. Now, the gates are open, the prisoners are in charge, and they want you to stay – forever. In this giant attraction, you’ll see the worst of what happens when the inmates have free rein over the institution. If you want to escape with your life, you’ll have to face all your fears. Or you’ll become another one of Mill Creek Haunted Prison’s lost souls.

Upgraded Haunted House Tickets

Do you want to experience the chills, thrills, and frenzy of Mill Creek Haunted Prison without waiting in line? Upgrade your tickets and skip the wait, book visits to multiple attractions at once, or schedule your visit in advance.

Preparing for Mill Creek Haunted Prison

Tormented Illusion’s Mill Creek Haunted Prison in Salem is anything but a walk in the park. This massive Oregon haunted house experience is intended for adults who want a truly terrifying experience. Here’s how to prepare for your adventure:

  • The attraction is several thousand square feet of twists and turns. Wear secure, close-toed shoes, and be prepared to walk or risk the monsters catching you.
  • Lines are outdoors, and all Tormented Illusion attractions operate rain or shine, so wear weather-appropriate clothes.
  • Be prepared for uneven floors, ramps, and steps within the attraction.
  • This is a no-touch attraction, but there are other immersive elements, including fog and scent machines and flashing lights.
  • Harassment of the actors will not be tolerated.
  • Food and drink are not permitted inside the attraction.


What is Tormented Illusion?

Tormented Illusion presents a brand-new collection of two haunted houses spread across two floors and 10,000+ sq. ft. of the former Mill Creek Correctional Institute outside Salem, Oregon. These attractions are the Mill Creek Haunted Prison and Prison Break.

Our haunted houses in Salem, Oregon, are open from 7 pm to 11 pm on specified dates. Please check our calendar for our open dates.

Tickets are available online or in person at the attraction. Buying online can help you avoid long lines and allow you to see the scares sooner. You can also purchase VIP tickets in advance to elevate your haunted house experience.