Prison Break

You’ve made it inside – now, can you get out?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re guilty or innocent. Either way, you’re trapped in the dark, dangerous, and potentially deadly Mill Creek Prison. You have one goal – get out with your life. Will you make it, or will you suffer the consequences of a failed escape?

Mill Creek Haunted Prison FF

Salem’s Most Terrifying Haunted Jail Experience

Located on the second floor of the historically haunted Mill Creek Correctional Facility, Prison Break is an immersive, touch-free experience. You’ll begin locked in your cell just before the perfect opportunity to break out appears. However, getting out won’t be easy.

The other inmates are here for a reason, and they don’t want you to leave without them. In fact, these inhuman horrors will do anything to keep you around. The guards are even worse, and they have it out for you. Even the facility itself seems to want to trap you forever. Your job is to move fast and find the way out before someone – or something – traps you for good.

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Upgraded Haunted Jail Tickets

Want to elevate your experience? Consider upgrading your tickets to skip the line or schedule your visit in advance to experience the horrors without the wait.

Preparing for Prison Break

Escaping from Oregon’s most haunted jail attraction isn’t for the faint of heart. This is a fast-paced haunted experience intended for adults. Here’s what to expect when you arrive:

  • Prison Break is not an escape room. It is a haunted house jail break simulation experience.
  • Lines are outdoors, and Tormented Illusion attractions operate rain or shine, so wear weather-appropriate clothes.
  • The attraction is fast-paced and large, so wear secure, close-toed shoes or risk the inmates making off with them. Or you.
  • Be prepared to climb at least one flight of stairs to reach the start of the attraction.
  • This is a no-touch attraction, but there are other immersive elements, including fog and scent machines and flashing lights.
  • Harassment of the actors will not be tolerated.
  • Food and drink are not permitted inside the attraction.


What is Tormented Illusion?

Tormented Illusion is a brand-new collection of two haunted houses spread across two floors and 10,000+ sq. ft. of the former Mill Creek Correctional Institute outside Salem, Oregon. These attractions are the Mill Creek Haunted Prison and Prison Break.

Our haunted houses in Salem, Oregon, are open from 6 pm to 11 pm on specified dates. Please check our calendar for our open dates.

Tickets are available online or in person at the attraction. Buying online can help you avoid long lines and allow you to see the scares sooner. You can also purchase VIP tickets in advance to elevate your haunted house experience.